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1994.5-1997 7.3 Powerstroke Driven Diesel Dual Bosch Pump Upgrade Kit (5/8 Pickup)

1994.5-1997 7.3 Powerstroke Driven Diesel Dual Bosch Pump Upgrade Kit (5/8 Pickup)

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Fits: Powerstroke 1994.5-1997

California Restricted

Upgrade your 1994.5-1997 7.3 Powerstroke with our Dual Bosch Pump Upgrade Kit. Perfect for those wanting to do performance work, this kit provides additional fuel pump volume necessary for increased power. A must-have for those running the Complete Electric Fuel System Conversion on their 7.3L.

This kit upgrades the fuel pump and filters portion of your fuel system to run "Dual Bosch Pumps" (in parallel), just like our High Volume Fuel Delivery Kits. You will need to select between the SUMP HARDWARE (sump not included) or 5/8" PICKUP version, depending on which way you want to setup your fuel system.

Important Notes:

This kit is ELIMINATES the fuel tank selector valve from the fuel path (both supply and return fuel)…you will need to choose which tank the truck will be running from (front, rear, in-bed, fuel cell, etc.). We HIGHLY RECOMMEND operating from the FRONT tank if possible, as it offers adequate clearance above the tank for the 5/8" pickup, and has a smoother bottom surface for the sump to seal against. If you will be using the rear tank (whether stock or aftermarket), some modifications to this kit or the fuel tank may be required to cleanly plumb the necessary 5/8" connections to supply the fuel pump (particularly with the 5/8" pickup tube). In any case, the fuel supply and fuel return lines will both need to bypass the selector valve and be permanently connected to the same tank. If you still need the capacity of both tanks (for driving range reasons), you will need to devise a method of transferring fuel from the secondary tank to the tank the truck is running from (balance tube, transfer pump, etc.), or possibly run an in-bed transfer tank. We do not currently offer the parts to complete the connection of a second tank.

DO NOT use the mini ball valves on the #10 (5/8") side of this system. The internal passage of those valves is too small for the suction side of the dual pump setup! We now have a 5/8" Fuel Line Shut-Off Valve option for the suction side of the system, and you can use a mini ball valve on the outlet of the post-pump fuel filter if desired.
This kit uses the Baldwin BF1252 "Pre-Pump" Fuel Filter/Water Separator and the Baldwin BF7633 "Post Pump" Fuel Filter.
NOTE: This is NOT a complete dual pump fuel supply kit, it can NOT be used by itself, in an otherwise stock fuel system and should NOT be ordered without a complete understanding of how and why this kit needs to be used. This kit is an upgrade to an existing DRIVEN DIESEL ELECTRIC FUEL SYSTEM CONVERSION KIT ONLY! If you do not already have E-Fuel Conversion, do NOT order this upgrade!

If your fuel system is still 100% stock and you want a dual pump e-fuel conversion, you will need to purchase the Regulated Return Kit and the Dual Bosch High Volume Fuel Delivery Kit. This will provide you with everything you need to remove your mechanical pump and stock filter bowl and upgrade to a dual pump e-fuel system.
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