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2015-2019 6.7 Powerstroke ATS Aurora VFR 4000 Stage 2 Turbo

2015-2019 6.7 Powerstroke ATS Aurora VFR 4000 Stage 2 Turbo

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The  ATS Aurora VFR 4000 Stage 2 Turbo is specifically designed for the 6.7 Powerstroke 2015-2019 Truck owners. This high-performance aftermarket turbocharger is a game-changer in terms of improved materials, internal components, and enhanced overall performance over factory-installed turbochargers. Upgrade your truck's turbocharger to experience quicker spool times, increased efficiency, and remarkable engine braking performance.

Key Features:

  • All-new HSM casting: Highest quality materials form the foundation for this power-packed turbocharger
  • 63mm billet compressor wheel: Slim hub, 11-blade design ensures enhanced airflow and power
  • High profile Inconel vane pack: Increases flow for optimal spool times and reduced turbo lag
  • New solenoid actuator assembly: Upgraded component for reliable performance and seamless integration
  • New compressor housing, turbine housing and bearing housing: Precision-engineered for maximum efficiency and durability
  • Full-floating journal bearings: Ensures greater longevity for an extended lifespan and better return on investment
  • 2-year warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty backed by ATS

Give your truck the performance it deserves with the ATS Aurora VFR 4000 Stage 2 Turbo - the ultimate upgrade for the 6.7 Powerstroke 2015-2019. Enhance your truck's power, efficiency, and engine braking performance with a turbocharger that exceeds expectations. Invest in quality, durability, and proven performance with the ATS Aurora VFR 4000 Stage 2 Turbo.

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