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2023-2024 6.7 Powerstroke Banks Ram-Air Intake System 41869

2023-2024 6.7 Powerstroke Banks Ram-Air Intake System 41869

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Fits 2023-2024 6.7 Powerstroke 

By increasing Mass Air Flow by a remarkable 36% over the stock intake system, this Ram-Air setup introduces cool, dense air into the engine, facilitating improved fuel economy and allowing your engine and turbo to operate more efficiently without additional strain, even while producing the same horsepower.

  • Unparalleled Airflow Improvement: Achieves a notable 36% increase in air flow compared to the stock system, fostering enhanced engine performance and efficiency.
  • Exceptional Filtration Capacity: Features the "Big-Ass Air Filter," which offers the largest filter volume and surface area on the market, exceeding both stock and other aftermarket options with an additional 116.7 in² of filter surface area, leading to longer periods between necessary cleanings.
  • Engine Movement Adaptability: Incorporates flexible bellows within its design to accommodate the natural side-to-side movement of the engine under load, with a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) intake tube that ensures smooth, high-velocity airflow directly into the turbocharger inlet for maximized power and throttle response.

The Banks Ram-Air Intake System stands out with its unique, smoothly tapered design that extends through the EPDM bellows, ensuring turbulence-free airflow and optimal efficiency. By reducing air restriction more effectively than the stock intake, it minimizes pumping losses, thereby unlocking additional horsepower.

Notable features include:

  • Direct Factory Connection: Easily connects to the factory forward air inlet, enabling a seamless integration.
  • Enhanced Engine Sound: Provides a more audible and aggressive induction note, heightening the driving experience.
  • Cool Air Encouragement: An oversized airbox significantly increases the volume of cool air surrounding the filter, while an enclosed housing blocks hot, power-sapping engine air.
  • Reduced Maintenance Needs: The "Big Ass Filter" not only extends the service life of the system but also demands fewer cleanings thanks to its superior filtration media, which surpasses the closest competitor by over 116.7 square inches.

Designed for durability, efficiency, and a superior driving experience, the Banks Power 41869 Ram-Air Intake System offers vehicle owners a significant upgrade with its advanced technology and exceptional engineering.


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