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Atlas 477-9603 Stage 1 HPOP 96-03

Atlas 477-9603 Stage 1 HPOP 96-03

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Fits: 7.3 Powerstroke 1996-2003

The Atlas Diesel Modified Stock Reman HPOP will typically produce that of a fresh 17 degree stock HPOP or more which is usually enough volume to sustain upgraded injectors. This pump is recommend for all injectors up to a 205cc. The Atlas Diesel modified stock pump is a top of the line stock flow plus 17 degree HPOP.

  • Direct Drop In
  • Comes with a new gasket
  • Fitted with steel thread inserts
  • OBS (94.5-97) and early '99 pumps are modified with a the 17 Degree pump internals
  • New Viton O-rings to reuse your existing fittings
  • Every pump is flow bench tested ready to install
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