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DieselSite ADRB95 Billet Adrenaline HPOP 96-03

DieselSite ADRB95 Billet Adrenaline HPOP 96-03

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Fits: 7.3 Powerstroke 1994-1995 (Anti-Drainback)
This pump benefits all setups, even stock trucks with stock programming, by providing more pulling power, better fuel economy, increased horsepower (depending on injector size), and quicker startups.

This HPOP gives
• More pulling power
• Better fuel economy
• Increased horsepower
• Quicker starts
All year Adrenaline HPOPs - including the 1994-1995 - are built to be able to use the 1996-2003 Injector Pressure Regulator

Anti-Drainback Model:
Please check your engine serial number to see if the anti-drainback feature is required on your pump.
• 1994-1995 7.3L:  201680 and before
• 1996-2003 7.3L:  201681 and after

Injector Sizes:
• AA Code Single Shot (97 to 97 7.3L) --- stock to 175cc
• AB Code Split Shot (Early 99 to Cali 97 7.3L) --- stock to 175cc
• AD Code Split Shot (99.5 to 03 7.3L) --- stock to 175cc
• AC Code Single Shot (T444E & 7.3L Aftermarket) --- stock to 200cc
• AD Hybrids (7.3L Aftermarket) --- up to 285cc
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