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2020+ 6.7L Powerstroke SPE Motorsport Emissions Harness Plug

2020+ 6.7L Powerstroke SPE Motorsport Emissions Harness Plug

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SPE 2020+ 6.7L Powerstroke Emissions Harness Plug

The SPE Motorsport 6.7L Emissions Harness Plug is designed to protect and seal your emissions connection on the ECU when exposed to the elements. 

The plug creates a perfect seal within the ECU cavity providing protection to the ECU. Made from b-nitrile, the harness plug is resistant against corrosive substances such as water, fuel, coolant, etc. When the emission harness sensor plugs under the truck are exposed to the elements around it, corrosion can occur. When this happens the harness can corrupt the information that the ECU monitors causing codes, check engine lights, and electrical issues. This simple solution will provide protection and prevent expensive repairs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a perfect seal inside the ECU cavity protecting it from the elements, moisture, fluids, etc.
  • Prevents corrosion to ECU pins
  • Made from b-nitrile material which is resistant to corrosive substances such as fuel, coolant, etc. 
  • Great for use when removing the DPF for cleaning/servicing, etc. 
  • Small, compact, clean design 
  • Simple, easy install 


  • 2020- 2022 Ford F250 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2020- 2022 Ford F350 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2020- 2022 Ford F450 (including cab & chassis)
  • 2020- 2022 Ford F550 (including cab & chassis)
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