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2005-2024 6.7L Powerstroke SPE Motorsport Track Bar Bushing Removal Tool

2005-2024 6.7L Powerstroke SPE Motorsport Track Bar Bushing Removal Tool

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SPE 2005-2024 6.7L Powerstroke Track Bar Bushing Removal Tool

Introducing our patented On-Vehicle Track Bar Bushing Removal Tool, a groundbreaking solution for 2005-2024 Super Duty trucks. This tool allows for the bushing to be removed while the track bar remains attached to the vehicle, offering a streamlined and efficient removal process. This innovative approach reduces downtime and the risk of additional damage.

The tool is engineered for optimal functionality with Super Duty trucks. Its operation is straightforward: it secures the track bar bushing in place and, with a simple tightening action, seamlessly extracts the bushing right on the vehicle. This innovative approach eliminates the need for complete track bar removal, simplifying and speeding up the process significantly.

The tool is designed with user-friendliness and efficiency in mind, ensuring an effective bushing removal experience without the usual hassles. This patented tool allows for direct, on-vehicle bushing removal, avoiding the traditional and more cumbersome method of removing the entire track bar. By ensuring precise extraction, it greatly reduces the chances of damaging the bushing or other vehicle parts, saving both time and labor for the user.

Features and Benefits:

  • On-Vehicle Efficiency: Unique ability to remove bushings directly on the vehicle, bypassing the need for full track bar disassembly.
  • Time-Saving Design: Significantly cuts down on the time and effort required for bushing replacement.
  • Protects Your Vehicle: Engineered to minimize the risk of damage to bushings and other vehicle components during removal.


Specially designed for use with the 2005-2024 SPE Billet Track Bar Bushing Kit. Although it can just be used as a stock trac bar bushing removal tool.

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